Quai des Grands Augustins

A haven of peace on the rooftops of Paris

Quai des Grands Augustins

Decoration Design Hélène Guillon
Interior Architecture Olivier Lempereur

It is by flipping through the pages of a design magazine, looking for inspiration for their new acquisition, that the owners of this apartment perched in the heart of the capital had the idea to contact Hélène for styling and decoration. After a first meeting, charmed by her way of understanding materials and bringing the place to life, they decided to entrust her with the lighting of this triplex located on the top floor of a beautiful building on the Quai des Grands Augustins. The current flows immediately and, with her, they will work hand in hand for several months to give the apartment a new glow in accordance with their personalities and deep aspirations.


The aim here is for the designer to provide an exclusive accompaniment where each detail is carefully studied in order to bring its unique appeal to the whole. Floors, wall coverings, furniture, fabrics but also household linen will be selected with skill to ensure perfect consistency instead.

quai et intérieur

A real hamlet nestled under the roofs, the apartment has four terraces and a maze of rooms, some of which have a beautiful Sequanian view. It is considered to be the Parisian refuge of a collector and reflects the owner’s passion for comics.

As a common thread, therefore, a beautiful selection of original comic strips that will have to be both staged and delicately integrated into the overall layout.

The decorative desires of the couple have been treated by Hélène in a very contemporary way in order to anchor the place in its time while preserving some nice winks to some very Parisian codes.

Salle à manger et extérieur

The dressing room must be cocooning, without getting heavier with wall hangings? That is not a problem! Hélène selected a coating for the doors that perfectly reproduces the weft of a fabric while avoiding its heaviness.

The reception area is decorated with a beautiful light oak parquet floor with wide slats, while the walls are covered with a paint that brings incredible depth to the room. In the room, located under the roofs, it was necessary to give a very “town house” aspect by selecting elegant fabrics with warm tones. On the bathroom side, natural stone is used to warm up Helen’s refined work.

chambre et salle de bain

And sometimes, as you walk around a room, a little touch of fantasy that gives the whole thing a bright and ultra-actual note. Colorful bedside tables make the parental room sparkle, a piece of kitchen wall adorned with a bold wallpaper where lobsters could seem straight out of the neighboring Seine.

Hélène took the time to accompany her clients in the collection furniture galleries and showrooms to guide them through all the steps of their discussions. With furniture publisher Christophe Delcourt, this three-way meeting was incredibly rich.

chambre et bibliothèque

In the end, the success of the project is based on the mutual trust that has been established between Hélène and the owners. The latter admit with a smile that they will be bored after these long months of exchanges between lovers of beautiful aesthetics!

« At some point, in the alchemy of a project, each small piece is put in place and the result becomes exactly the image of the customer  »